Charitable Registration Compliance Bundle

Charitable Solicitation Compliance Bundle

If your nonprofit has an annual revenue equalling or less than $50,000 per year, our compliance bundle might be for you.

How Our Compliance Bundle Works.

With an annual membership fee of just $950, all your charitable state registration requirements are covered!

Along with the services listed below, you will also have access to your own Registration Specialist, a team of industry experts, accountants, legal counsel, etc.

Labyrinth, Inc. Charitable Registration Compliance Bundle Covers:

Form 990 N Filing

Form 990-N is the annual electronic filing required by the IRS of small exempt organizations. A small exempt organization is defined as an organization with $50,000 or less in gross annual revenue. The deadline to file Form 990-N is the 15th day of the 5th month after the close of your tax year.

In order to keep your compliance status, it is important that you file your Form 990-N whenever it is due. Failure to file for 3 years, could result in the IRS automatically revoking your organization’s tax-exempt status. Focus on your mission, we make sure that your form 990-N is accurate and filed on time.

We speak Form 990!

Registered Agent Services

Your nonprofit organization is required to have a Registered Agent in its state of incorporation and any additional state in which it qualifies as a foreign corporation. Your registered agent is responsible for receiving service of process notices, tax documents, legal correspondences, etc., on your behalf. That means that your registered agent must have a physical address in each state the organization has corporate registration in.

We establish a Registered Agent on your behalf. Once established, we make sure that the registered agent information is kept current at all times. We guarantee confidentiality and all communications will be brought immediately to your organization's attention.

Reliable, Confidentiality and will be around for the long term.

Annual Corporate Report Filing

Most states require nonprofit organizations that are incorporated in the state to file an annual corporate report in order to remain in good standing with the state. Failure to file an annual report for a couple of years could result in states revoking your organization’s corporate status.

We file your annual reports and even pay state fees on your behalf. We understand the importance of your nonprofit remaining in good standing with the state, as such, we make sure your annual report is done right and filed on time.

Relax! Leave it to us!

Charitable Solicitation Registration

Most states require nonprofits that solicit contributions from state residents to register with a state agency before any type of solicitation. With more nonprofit organizations taking advantage of online fundraising, this also means that prospective donors could be donating from any state thereby triggering registration. 

This can be quite complex especially for smaller nonprofits when determining where to register, what specific state forms are needed, when to register, etc. We specialize in charitable state registration.

Focus on your mission, we got you covered!