State Fundraising Registration Requirements

Forty states require state fundraising registrations to be filed in order for a charity to be able to fundraise within a state. Thus if a charity wishes to fundraise from potential donors in several states, it will likely need to file state fundraising registrations in each of these states annually. State fundraising registration requirements continue to change over time as state statutes change and as states change their charity registration forms and registration requirements. Labyrinth, Inc. can help you stay abreast of all of these changes and we make the state fundraising registration process easy and straight forward. If you’d like more information about Labyrinth’s services, call us at 844-863-0915 or email us. We can complete the state fundraising registration forms on your behalf and file all the needed attachments with the states. Labyrinth, Inc. has specialized in filing fundraising registrations on behalf of charities and other nonprofits since 1989. If you’d like more information about the state fundraising registration requirements for each of the states, you can find this by clicking that state’s link on the page below.