State Sales Tax Exemptions

Charities can qualify for State Sales Tax Exemptions in most states. With a state sales tax exemption, the charity will not need to pay sales tax or use tax on many or all purchases in the states and this can save a charity a significant amount of money. State sales tax exemptions are not automatic and instead the charity must file paperwork with the state to request the sales tax exemption. In many states sales tax exemptions are a one-time filing and once they have been approved, they never need to be renewed. In other states, the sales tax exemption is only good for 5 years at which point the nonprofit would need to renew the exemption if they wanted to maintain the exemption.

The process of obtaining a state sales tax exemption can be quite intricate, but Labyrinth, Inc can help you through the process and complete all these filing for you. We charge $299 to file the a state sales tax exemption on behalf of a charity. If you would like Labyrinth to file state sales tax exemptions on your behalf, please call 844-863-0915 or email us.