Amend your formation documents

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  • Enter information once and skip the paperwork
  • Starting at $299 plus state fees

Update Your Formation Documents Quickly and Easily

Our amendment service brings exceptional time savings to organizations making changes to their formation documents. Changing your organization's name, address, management structure, or key personnel are all common reasons for filing an amendment. Optimize your staff's time. Enter the required information online and get started in minutes.

We've completed thousands of state filings correctly, and we're confident we can do the same for you. We specialize in working with nonprofit organizations and provide comprehensive compliance services in every state.

How Amendment Service Works

Complete the online form to order our amendment services. Once we have submitted your filings, we will track their progress and send a confirmation when they are approved.

  1. Provide basic information about your organization.
  2. We prepare and submit your articles of amendment.
  3. Receive your approved amendment filing from the state.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

When do we need to file an amendment?

As your organization grows and its information changes, you may need to amend its information on file with the state. Common reasons for amendment include changes to formation documents, legal name, address, key personnel, or management structure.

Where is the amendment filed?

Generally, you file amendments in the state of formation. Organizations registered in multiple states may need to file articles of amendment in several jurisdictions.

When can we amend my organization?

Amendments can be filed at any time, though the organization must be in good standing with the state at the time of amendment. Please visit our reinstatement page if you need assistance reinstating your organization to good standing.

After receiving our articles of amendment, will we need to update other records?

Generally, yes. Aside from your internal organization records, vendor accounts, etc., you may also need to update other state and federal agencies. Nonprofits may need to report amendments to the IRS.

Are there other steps for doing a name change in many states?

If you're amending your organization's name in many states, there is a risk that the new name you've chosen will only be available in some states. Our name reservation service allows you to hold the name until the amendment paperwork can be approved. We can also manage your doing-business-as (DBA) registration process to enable you to operate under your new name even before filing the amendments.

Can I file an amendment to change my entity type?

Generally, no. You might be looking for entity conversion services. Certain states allow entities to convert from one organization type to another without filing dissolution and formation documents. For example, an LLC may be converted into a corporation, or a nonprofit corporation may be converted into an LLC in some states.

Comprehensive Support for Your Compliance Needs

Gain peace of mind and return to your mission-driven work. Leverage our comprehensive compliance services today.

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Rely on us to manage your charity registrations.
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Turn to us to manage your foreign qualification project.
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Amend your formation documents

  • Order online and get started in minutes
  • Enter information once and skip the paperwork
  • Starting at $299 plus state fees

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