Foreign Qualification

Foreign qualification is the process of registering a nonprofit or business in a state other than the one in which it was incorporated. It allows organizations to conduct activities in a state. The state issues a certificate of authority that authorizes the organization to transact business in the state.

Keeping up to date with regulations and filings in multiple states requires a significant number of hours and the overhead expenses that go with it. Let us handle the compliance on your behalf. We efficiently complete the entire foreign qualification process for you in any or all states.


If any of the following apply to your organization, then foreign qualification may be required.

  • Does your nonprofit have an office or employee in another state?
  • Do you do conduct operations or fundraise in multiple states?
  • Does your nonprofit issue charitable gift annuities or plan to be included in a State Employee Campaign?

We are the State Registration Professionals

  • We verify the corporate standing of your organization with the state.
  • We complete your foreign qualification, registering you to do business in a state other than the state in which you formed your nonprofit organization
  • We manage your corporate registrations and ensure that you remain in compliance.
  • We prepare and file your Annual Reports with the Secretary of States' offices.

Client Success Stories

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