Charity Registration

We file tens of thousands of state registrations each year, and handle every aspect of the registration process. We would love to talk with you about your registration needs.


Charity State Registration

We file tens of thousands of state registrations each year. We handle every aspect of the registration process and would love to talk with you about helping you with your registration needs.


Your Charity State Registration Specialists

Labyrinth makes the charity state registration process for your organization easier, faster, and more affordable.

We have helped tens of thousands of organizations comply with state regulations and handle every step of the registration process on your behalf, cutting out the complexities of state filings to save your organization time and money, as well as assuring accuracy.

Our team of registration specialists, lawyers, and accountants on staff will piece together all registration forms, needed attachments, required paperwork, extensions, follow ups and stay on top of every state’s registration laws and filing requirements for you.

Labyrinth’s passion toward helping organizations remove the hassle of the registration process and making sure that they stay compliant, is why we exist. Let us help your organization today!

Our Charity Registration Services

  • Preparing all forms necessary in order for your charity to be registered in the states where you plan to solicit in
  • One-on-one assistance with a state registration specialist for all of your needs from registration, renewals, extensions and exemptions
  • Keep track of when your forms are due, and your charity registration status
  • Access to our web portal to clearly review the status of your registration in all of the states in which you solicit in

Learn how we can assist your organization.

We handle every aspect of the process and would love to
talk with you about your registration needs.

    Client Success Stories

    One of the best vendor decisions we’ve ever made. I don’t know why we ever wrestled with all our state compliance filings in house. Labyrinth took all of the pain out of the process, and at a price point that made the decision obvious.
     ~ Mark Ernest – STETSON UNIVERSITY
    Labyrinth made obtaining licenses for our out of state satellite office a breeze! Their customer service is top notch! They always respond to my requests within a day if not sooner. I sleep well at night knowing that Labyrinth is in our corner! They take the guess work out of state licensing! Don’t bother looking for another company! Let Labyrinth navigate the web of confusion for you!
    ~ Cheri Crider – AMIRAH INC.
    We’ve used Labyrinth for over seven years now and I have found their work and customer service to be great. Never had a single problem with all our state charity registrations over the years. We’ve been moving work being done by other companies to Labyrinth (like corporate registrations) to Labyrinth because we trust their work. Highly recommended!
    ~ David L ~ NAMI
    Great experience working with Labyrinth for business and charitable registrations.
    ~ Elizabeth Ingenthron – A Jewish Voice for Peace, Inc.
    Labyrinth is incredible! They have been managing our state registrations for about five years, and it has made our work so much easier. They save us time and effort, and they always come through for us. Highly recommended!
    ~ Ron Carter – CHILDREN, INC.
    Amazingly proactive and throughly professional, and competent. Nice people, too!
    They take all my worries away! They take care of all of Vitae’s registrations, charitable, corporate, sales tax applications, federal and state employee program applications, and advise on anything you need. They are wonderful!!
    ~ Gail Quigley – VITAE FOUNDATION
    The expertise, timeliness, and responsiveness of the Labyrinth team is excellent. They have been a lifesaver to our organization.
    State registrations for charity compliance? No, thank you! I DO NOT want to understand it. THANK YOU Labyrinth, you are worth every penny & all whom I’ve worked with have been great.
    ~ Diana Mansour – visionSynergy
    We trust the professionals at Labyrinth with all our registration and reporting needs!
    ~ Christine Dorchak – GREY2K USA WORLDWIDE, INC.
    I have been very happy with Labyrinth. They are always on top of everything and have helped me tremendously with all my state registration filings.
    ~ Mickey Aboff – JBI INTERNATIONAL
    We are a growing nonprofit organization with donors in all 50 States. Labyrinth has allowed us to comply with the myriad rules and regulations in every State. We do not have the time, nor the expertise, to handle this on our own. Labyrinth has made it so easy for us to get into compliance!
    The staff at Labyrinth are very good at their jobs. They stay on top of the filings and provide a complete turn key service. I recommend using Labyrinth.
    My organization operates in nearly every state. Yet, like many non-profits, we are thinly staffed for admin and other back-office operations. We do not have the capacity to stay on top of every state’s charitable registration laws and/or filing requirements. Labyrinth does that for us and does it at a very reasonable rate. I would highly recommend Labyrinth for any non-profit that has multiple state charitable registration filings.
    Labyrinth made the entire process of filing for state authorizations to solicit an easy and very smoothly delivered process. After we supplied the necessary information to them, very little time was required on our end other than filing the forms in our shared drive! Definitely recommend this company!
    ~ Deb Cullinan – NAPO, INC.
    Very helpful in navigating charitable registrations for non-profits. They are also very knowledgeable about other aspects of non-profits and are always ready to help. A wonderful organization.
    ~ Marilyn Gurtman-Oppenheimer – ZAMIR CHORAL FOUNDATION
    Labyrinth has been a godsend for us! Highly recommend them–they do a great job of keeping us compliant with required states across the US and have GREAT staff/customer service.
    ~ Brooke Brown – NA KEIKI O EMALIA
    I’ve had great experiences with Labyrinth across two organizations, I definitely recommend their services!
    ~ Killjan Anderson – USA BASKETBALL
    We recently changed providers for our state registrations and Labyrinth has been professional, attentive, and the staff is very knowledgeable. They have even saved us money compared to our previous provider. Thank you Labyrinth!
    ~ Jody Sandler – BLUE SERVICE DOGS
    Labyrinth, Inc. has been processing the charitable registrations for the American Association of State Troopers, Inc. and the AAST Foundation, Inc. for over 15 years. We are a nationwide charity and we are registered in almost all of the states across the country. It is a pleasure to work with Labyrinth their professionalism and knowledge of the registration process in each of the states is of great value to our organization.
    –Joan Breeding, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer, American Association of State Troopers
    Labyrinth has been stellar in effectively handling the evolving ins and outs of state charitable solicitation filings for our non-profit organization. Their management of the process is as great as their responsiveness and dedication to their clients. So glad we partnered with them, knowing nothing is falling through the cracks!
    –Eileen Rose, Sr. Manager, Purchasing & Facilities, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
    Thank you, you truly are amazing! And frankly we would be lost in all of this if it wasn’t for you.
    –Lisa Strand, Operations Coordinator, Life is Good Playmakers
    I must say that when I needed help with all my questions, paper work Labyrinth was here to help make my vision a reality. The dream can be realized. Thank you with all my heart.
    –Gwen Williams, CEO, Full Circle Help Center
    On behalf of about 10 groups that we have brought over to your company since last fall, I want to say that all of us are blown away with the work of Candice. She’s fast, thorough, pleasant to interact with. We really can’t thank her enough for her help over the last few months.
    -Aaron Dorr, Director of Marketing, Midwest Freedom Enterprises LLC
    I am happy to state that Labyrinth have done an excellent job for us since they have been appointed by AAM.
    -Jon Card, Executive Director Collections and Governance, Imperial War Museums
    Labyrinth has taken the stress out of ensuring our organization is current with all state requirements. Their knowledgeable staff are always available to answer questions and provide guidance giving me peace of mind. I can’t say enough about the value they bring to our organization.
    – Beth Lyons, Director of Development, Homes for Our Troops
    YOU ARE PHENOMENAL!! Thank you so much for the disclosure notices and registration status documents! It made my job so much easier. Thank you so much for always responding to me so quickly and your constant assistance and support!
    – Omnia Joehar, Operations Manager, Human Trafficking Legal Center
    I highly recommend this company for any organization that needs help with state filings. They have excellent customer service, have exceptional pricing, and have a true passion for helping organizations with this service. They are FANTASTIC!!
    – Jacquelyn Bussotti, Human Resources Manager, Parkinson’s Foundation
    We would be lost without the team at Labyrinth. Their work is accurate, quick and they are responsive. All our filings are timely, and they walk us through the maze of state each state filing with the confidence that only an expert in this field could. We can’t thank Labyrinth enough or recommend them highly enough.
    – Michel DuBois, CFO, Family Equality Council