Dynamic Disclosures™

Get access to the only tool designed for nonprofits to meet ever-changing state disclosure requirements.

  • Strengthen and simplify your state charitable registration compliance
  • Actively update charitable disclosure language directly on your donation webpages
  • Build donor trust and increase the effectiveness of your fundraising


Automate Maintenance of Your Charitable Disclosures

Just like your fundraising appeal letters, your website, email newsletters, and email solicitations are powerful tools to generate mission awareness and raise funds. As your organization engages with more donors in new ways, Dynamic Disclosures is the innovative solution for efficiently complying with state charitable disclosure requirements.

Most states regulate traditional and online fundraising methods. In addition to annual charitable registration, 26 states require nonprofits to include state-specific charitable disclosure statements on their website donation pages, solicitations, and donor correspondence. Charitable disclosure statements serve to educate the public about the organization, its leadership, and its financial standing.

State charitable disclosure requirements frequently change, resulting in wasted capacity maintaining web pages with static text. Dynamic Disclosures offers a simpler, automated way to comply with the statutory language in every state.

How Dynamic Disclosures Works

Our Dynamic Disclosures tool tracks changes in state requirements, organization registration status, and contact information—and automatically updates your website.

  1. Embed the code in your website one time. Our compliance team assists you with implementation and training.
  2. Easily make changes without website technical support. Update organization contact information and toggle disclosures for individual states on and off as needed.
  3. Confidently publish your donation webpages. Disclosure statements are now visible at the point of your website solicitations. Separately, export and download charitable disclosure statements at any time for inclusion in your printed and email solicitations.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access disclosure language requirements without purchasing the Dynamic Disclosures tool?

You are welcome to reference basic disclosure language in our Information Center. However, only Dynamic Disclosures clients receive automatic updates to the required disclosures based on their organization's registration status.

Where Are Charitable Disclosures Required?

Charitable disclosure statements must be readily available for donors to review. While the exact placement and text of each statement vary by state, organizations can broadly expect to include disclosures in the following situations:

  • On written fundraising appeals, such as letters, emails, and newsletters
  • On websites and online donation forms
  • In donor acknowledgments and follow-up requests such as pledge reminders
  • In any other place where the residents of a given state may be prompted to donate

What Is the Difference Between State Charitable Disclosure and IRS Donor Disclosure Statements?

To deduct a charitable contribution of $250 or more, the donor must have a written acknowledgment provided by the receiving charity. This federal disclosure requirement differs from the required state charitable disclosures a charity must provide to prospective donors. Organizations should take care to include and use all required disclosures where applicable.

Can We Export Disclosure Statements for Our Printed Solicitation Materials?

Yes, our Dynamic Disclosures tool allows you to export state charitable disclosure statements for use on your non-web solicitation materials, such as written appeals and email newsletters. Note, Dynamic Disclosures does not automatically update your non-web solicitation materials.

Comprehensive Support for Your Compliance Needs

Gain peace of mind and return to your mission-driven work. Leverage our comprehensive compliance services today.

Raising funds in multiple states?
Rely on us to manage your charity registrations.
Registering to operate in a new state?
Turn to us to manage your foreign qualification project.
Tracking annual report deadlines?
Allow us to track, prepare, and file your annual reports.

Automate State Charitable Disclosures and Safeguard Donor Trust

  • Strengthen and simplify your state charitable registration compliance
  • Actively update charitable disclosure language directly on your donation webpages
  • Build donor trust and increase the effectiveness of your fundraising




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