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Compliance Solutions for Commercial Co-Ventures

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Keeping up with nationwide commercial co-venture registration requirements can be difficult. Don’t waste time navigating state requirements. As the longest-standing fundraising compliance service provider in the sector, we’ve dealt with thousands of registrations and campaign filings. Our experts will prepare and submit your commercial co-venture registration applications, manage contract submittals, and file financial reports for you.

  • Round up or donate at checkout campaigns
  • Buy-one, give-one programs
  • Donate a portion of each product sold

Support for Both Sides of the Co-Venture

Before beginning a cause marketing campaign, businesses must meet state commercial co-venture requirements, and nonprofits must follow state charitable registration laws. State registration for commercial co-ventures can be complex, but you don't have to go it alone.

For Businesses

Whether this is your first commercial co-venture or you’ve run charitable sales promotions for years, your dedicated Registration Specialist will assess your current status, work with you to determine the appropriate path forward, and complete your filings on your behalf.


For Nonprofits

Charitable registration is a required prerequisite to running a commercial co-venture. We'll handle the initial fundraising registration if your organization isn’t registered. If it is registered, we’ll manage the renewals going forward and coordinate filings with your business partner.


Everything You Need to Put Cause Marketing Filings on Autopilot

Frequently Asked Questions

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about CCV campaigns.
1What is a commercial co-venture?
A commercial co-venture is an agreement, usually between a nonprofit organization and a for-profit business, that supports a charitable cause while generating commercial goodwill. Typical features of commercial co-ventures may include a share of revenue donation to the nonprofit, a charitable event underwritten by a business, and activities of any kind advertised to benefit a charitable organization.
2Who must register and when?
The nonprofit must have its charitable registration in order, and the partnering business may need to be registered as a commercial co-venturer. Twenty-four jurisdictions have commercial co-venture registration requirements, and most filing requirements fall on the business. While only four states require a formal registration, the other states may require the filing of the contract, disclosures in advertising, state-specific language to be included in the contract itself, some form of accounting or record keeping, or final financial reporting. For-profit businesses are largely unaware of the registration requirements for fundraising. It often falls on the nonprofit to educate its partner. Any arrangements for a share-of-sales agreement, event underwriting, or other ventures should be in writing. You may need to file each new contract with the jurisdiction authority. Nonprofits should view commercial co-ventures as a positive opportunity but only engage once they've ensured all proper registrations are in place.
3What are the consequences of failing to register in a state?
Individuals and firms operating without a registration can be liable for penalty fees and criminal charges.
4Must nonprofits also register?
Yes, nonprofits that raise funds from the public must meet charitable registration requirements. States regulate charitable solicitation, and the requirements vary by jurisdiction. Forty-one jurisdictions currently require nonprofits to register to solicit their residents.

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Solutions for Managing Commercial Co-Venture Filings

  • 1-on-1 support from your dedicated Registration Specialist
  • Full-service management of initial registration, ongoing renewals, contract filings, and financial reports
  • No upfront payment required--get started today


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