Charitable Registration vs. Corporate Annual Reports


Nonprofits often confuse state charitable registrations and state corporate annual reports. Both are required state filings, and generally, both need to be renewed annually. These two types of filings have distinct purposes. Charitable registrations allow nonprofits to solicit contributions in a state. Corporate annual reports and foreign qualifications instead enable organizations to operate in a state.

If an organization wants to solicit contributions from several states, it must file charitable registrations in each state. However, soliciting donations does not typically require organizations to register to do business in a form or file for foreign qualification. Instead, corporate registrations are usually required in states where the nonprofit has offices or employees, states where it conducts activities, and where it is incorporated. Corporate registrations may also be required to participate in state employee campaigns.

Forty-one states have laws requiring charitable registration for nonprofits soliciting in the state. All fifty states and the District of Columbia have corporate registration requirements. Many nonprofits need charitable registration in many or all states and must submit corporate annual reports in several states.

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