BOI Reporting Service

Corporate Transparency Act

  • Full-service support. Up to four initial, updated, and corrected reports are handled yearly via one convenient service.
  • Save time. We prepare and submit your filings starting January 2024 to save you up to 3 hours per report.*
  • Meet new requirements ahead of the deadline. Avoid costly mistakes and sail through new filing complexity.

Outsource BOI reporting requirements for $199 per year.

*FinCEN estimates reading and completing the Beneficial Ownership Information Report can take up to three hours per entity.


As of January 1, 2024, new regulations under the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) will require over 30 million organizations to report beneficial ownership information (BOI) to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). 

That includes 2.4 million nonprofits without federal tax exemption. 

Is your organization ready?

Streamline Beneficial Ownership Reporting

Managing new filings and navigating government guidance is stressful. The online forms for beneficial ownership reporting have yet to be released, so no one knows exactly what they’ll look like. Rather than going it out alone, Labyrinth’s BOI Reporting Service keeps you focused on creating impact for your cause.

Beneficial Ownership Reporting Isn't Just a One-time Filing

You receive support for all of the following reports in a single, fully-managed service:


Your organization’s BOI is supplied to FinCEN before the deadline to meet the new reporting obligations.


Changes in your organization’s beneficial owners and exemption status are reported to FinCEN as needed.


If the BOI you initially submitted to FinCEN was incorrect, we update the information as part of the service.

Who Can Benefit?

Our BOI Reporting Service caters specifically to nonprofits and their unique reporting needs. It’s an ideal fit for:

Nonprofits with Frequent Board Turnover

Nonprofits Not Intending to Pursue Tax-Exempt Status

Recent 1023 Filers with Pending Tax-Exempt Status

Fiscally-sponsored Organizations

Nonprofits with Revoked Tax-Exempt Status

Nonprofits with Partial Controlling Interests in Other Entities

Our BOI Reporting Service: How It Works

To order our BOI reporting service, simply complete the online form. We'll gather all the necessary data points to fulfill your order and complete your filings to meet the January 2024 requirements.

Simple, supportive information collection and convenient online ordering, Labyrinth’s BOI Reporting Service is tailor-made for busy nonprofit leaders.

Reporting BOI to FinCEN

1Step One
Provide us with your basic information about your organization.
2Step Two
You securely share your beneficial ownership information with us, and we submit it via FinCEN's Beneficial Ownership Secure System (BOSS).
3Step Three
You receive proof of submission. If your information or status changes, we complete up to four updated or corrected filings per year on your behalf.

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Check out our complete library of testimonials to learn more about how we support nonprofit organizations just like yours.

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I really appreciate the efficiency and the fact that I don’t have to think about it…I just forward everything to [my Registration Specialist], and she takes care of it.
 ~ Erin Riley Strong – FRESH EYES DIGITAL
Stetson University
One of the best vendor decisions we’ve ever made. I don’t know why we ever wrestled with all our state compliance filings in house. Labyrinth took all of the pain out of the process, and at a price point that made the decision obvious.
Amirah inc
Labyrinth made obtaining licenses for our out of state satellite office a breeze! Their customer service is top notch! They always respond to my requests within a day if not sooner. I sleep well at night knowing that Labyrinth is in our corner! They take the guess work out of state licensing! Don’t bother looking for another company! Let Labyrinth navigate the web of confusion for you!
~ Cheri Crider – AMIRAH INC.
National Alliance on Mental Illness
We’ve used Labyrinth for over seven years now and I have found their work and customer service to be great. Never had a single problem with all our state charity registrations over the years. We’ve been moving work being done by other companies to Labyrinth (like corporate registrations) to Labyrinth because we trust their work. Highly recommended!
~ David L ~ NAMI
Jewish Voice For Peace
Great experience working with Labyrinth for business and charitable registrations.
~ Elizabeth Ingenthron – A JEWISH VOICE FOR PEACE, INC.
Children Incorporated
Labyrinth is incredible! They have been managing our state registrations for about five years, and it has made our work so much easier. They save us time and effort, and they always come through for us. Highly recommended!
~ Ron Carter – CHILDREN, INC.
Nation Rowing Foundation
Amazingly proactive and throughly professional, and competent. Nice people, too!
Asia Frontier Outreach
The expertise, timeliness, and responsiveness of the Labyrinth team is excellent. They have been a lifesaver to our organization.
Vision Synergy
State registrations for charity compliance? No, thank you! I DO NOT want to understand it. THANK YOU Labyrinth, you are worth every penny & all whom I’ve worked with have been great.
~ Diana Mansour – VISIONSYNERGY
Grey2K USA Worldwide
We trust the professionals at Labyrinth with all our registration and reporting needs!
~ Christine Dorchak – GREY2K USA WORLDWIDE, INC.
JBI International
I have been very happy with Labyrinth. They are always on top of everything and have helped me tremendously with all my state registration filings.
Africa New Life
We are a growing nonprofit organization with donors in all 50 States. Labyrinth has allowed us to comply with the myriad rules and regulations in every State. We do not have the time, nor the expertise, to handle this on our own. Labyrinth has made it so easy for us to get into compliance!
University of Vermont Foundation
The staff at Labyrinth are very good at their jobs. They stay on top of the filings and provide a complete turn key service. I recommend using Labyrinth.
B'Nai B'rith
My organization operates in nearly every state. Yet, like many non-profits, we are thinly staffed for admin and other back-office operations. We do not have the capacity to stay on top of every state’s charitable registration laws and/or filing requirements. Labyrinth does that for us and does it at a very reasonable rate. I would highly recommend Labyrinth for any non-profit that has multiple state charitable registration filings.
National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals
Labyrinth made the entire process of filing for state authorizations to solicit an easy and very smoothly delivered process. After we supplied the necessary information to them, very little time was required on our end other than filing the forms in our shared drive! Definitely recommend this company!
~ Deb Cullinan – NAPO, INC.
Zamir Choral Foundation
Very helpful in navigating charitable registrations for non-profits. They are also very knowledgeable about other aspects of non-profits and are always ready to help. A wonderful organization.
~ Marilyn Gurtman-Oppenheimer – ZAMIR CHORAL FOUNDATION
Na Keiki O Emalia Emalia's Children Helping Children Heal
Labyrinth has been a godsend for us! Highly recommend them–they do a great job of keeping us compliant with required states across the US and have GREAT staff/customer service.
~ Brooke Brown – NA KEIKI O EMALIA
USA Basketball
I’ve had great experiences with Labyrinth across two organizations, I definitely recommend their services!
~ Killjan Anderson – USA BASKETBALL
We recently changed providers for our state registrations and Labyrinth has been professional, attentive, and the staff is very knowledgeable. They have even saved us money compared to our previous provider. Thank you Labyrinth!
~ Jody Sandler – BLUE SERVICE DOGS