BOI Reporting Service

Corporate Transparency Act

  • Full-service support. Up to four initial, updated, and corrected reports are handled yearly via one convenient service.
  • Save time. We prepare and submit your filings starting January 2024 to save you up to 3 hours per report.*
  • Meet new requirements ahead of the deadline. Avoid costly mistakes and sail through new filing complexity.

Outsource BOI reporting requirements for $199 per year.

*FinCEN estimates reading and completing the Beneficial Ownership Information Report can take up to three hours per entity.


As of January 1, 2024, new regulations under the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) will require over 30 million organizations to report beneficial ownership information (BOI) to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). 

That includes 2.4 million nonprofits without federal tax exemption. 

Is your organization ready?

Streamline Beneficial Ownership Reporting

Managing new filings and navigating government guidance is stressful. The online forms for beneficial ownership reporting have yet to be released, so no one knows exactly what they’ll look like. Rather than going it out alone, Labyrinth’s BOI Reporting Service keeps you focused on creating impact for your cause.


Beneficial Ownership Reporting Isn't Just a One-time Filing

You receive support for all of the following reports in a single, fully-managed service:


Your organization’s BOI is supplied to FinCEN before the deadline to meet the new reporting obligations.


Changes in your organization’s beneficial owners and exemption status are reported to FinCEN as needed.


If the BOI you initially submitted to FinCEN was incorrect, we update the information as part of the service.

Who Can Benefit?

Our BOI Reporting Service caters specifically to nonprofits and their unique reporting needs. It’s an ideal fit for:

Nonprofits with Frequent Board Turnover

Nonprofits Not Intending to Pursue Tax-Exempt Status

Recent 1023 Filers with Pending Tax-Exempt Status

Fiscally-sponsored Organizations

Nonprofits with Revoked Tax-Exempt Status

Nonprofits with Partial Controlling Interests in Other Entities

Our BOI Reporting Service: How It Works

To order our BOI reporting service, simply complete the online form. We'll gather all the necessary data points to fulfill your order and complete your filings to meet the January 2024 requirements.

Simple, supportive information collection and convenient online ordering, Labyrinth’s BOI Reporting Service is tailor-made for busy nonprofit leaders.

Reporting BOI to FinCEN

1Step One:
Provide us with your basic information about your organization.
2Step Two:
You securely share your beneficial ownership information with us, and we submit it via FinCEN's Beneficial Ownership Secure System (BOSS).
3Step Three:
You receive proof of submission. If your information or status changes, we complete up to four updated or corrected filings per year on your behalf.

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