Does My Charity Need to File State Registrations?

If your charity solicits contributions, then most likely your charity needs to file state registration forms. This is true whether you solicit contributions through direct mail, email, the internet, phone solicitation, grants, direct contact, etc. Most charities that solicit nationwide need to register in about 39 states. However some types of organizations are exempt from registration in some or all states.


Is my charity exempt from filing state registrations?

Organizations that receive minimal contributions are typically exempt from filing in a handful of states, though some states view the solicitation itself as requiring registration, whether or not funds were raised. Schools, universities, and university foundations are exempt from registering in about half of the states that require registration and only need to register in about 10 states. Hospitals are exempt in a about half the states states and typically only need to register in about 19 states. Membership organizations that only solicit from their members only need to register in a 12 states. Churches that are not required to file a 990, are exempt and do not need to register to solicit contributions. Churches that do file a 990, will need to register in about 13 states. 501(c)(4) and 501(c)(19) organizations are exempt in a few states, but still need to register in 35 states, whereas 501(c)(3) organizations typically need to register in around 39 states.

Contact Labyrinth Inc to see if your organization needs to register to solicit contributions. If you use our registration services, we can request exemptions for you in states where you are entitled to an exemption. We do not charge for requesting exemptions and instead offer it at no charge when we file your other state registrations.


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