Registered Agent Service

The purpose of a registered agent is to have a point of contact on file in government records where your nonprofit organization can be contacted for legal reasons. Our registered agent offices around the country receive and scan your mail same day. Receive notifications of legal matters privately - not in front of employees, volunteers, or donors. 

Flat annual fee, no surprises! Pay $99 per appointment per year, and focus on what truly matters - your mission.


Reliable Registered Agent Services for Nonprofits

Trust Labyrinth, Inc. for expert nonprofit compliance and immediate legal document service. One-stop, reliable, and affordable. Act now!

At Labyrinth, Inc., we know how crucial it is for your nonprofit to appoint a registered agent to receive vital legal documents, including lawsuit notices. With over three decades of expertise in nonprofit compliance, we take this responsibility seriously.

Even in the 2020s, certain legal mail is delivered physically. Note that your point of contact listed in state records must be a street address instead of a P.O. Box. We receive process servers at our office and sign for your mail. We are staffed in all 50 states during all business hours to attend to this duty. Your organization can take holidays, work remotely, or otherwise be absent from the office without worrying about whether you miss a process server.

After receiving legal mail, we forward it to you digitally the same day. This is especially important when you receive a notice of a lawsuit and have a limited response time (e.g., 10 days).

For the same reason, you can add as many users as you want to your Client Portal and indicate whether they should be notified when you receive regular mail, state notices, or notice of lawsuit. Many nonprofits list their attorney so they get emailed at the same time you do!

Our annual fees are competitively priced at $99 per appointment per year, with no hidden charges. 

How It Works

Getting started with our registered agent service is easy.


Order Online

It takes less than 5 minutes to place an order on our website for registered agent service for your corporate registrations, charity registrations, or both.


Appoint us as Agent

Get online access to state forms bearing our address and, where needed, our signature. For your convenience, we can also file your nonprofit articles of incorporation, foreign qualification, or change of agent filing for a separate fee.


Receive Legal Mail

The most important part of having Registered Agent Service is ensuring you have quick access to your documents. We've made that easy by safely and securely gathering and storing your documents in our software for you to access anytime.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to common inquiries. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you still have questions.
1What is registered agent service?
A registered agent is a legal representative for nonprofits and corporations registered with the state. They are responsible for receiving important legal and government documents on behalf of the organization. At Labyrinth, Inc., we provide you with a reliable registered agent service that guarantees professional handling of all your legal correspondence.
2Why does a nonprofit need a registered agent?
Nonprofits need a registered agent to ensure compliance with state laws. Nonprofits can appoint an individual or a commercial registered agent (such as us). The registered agent receives legal documents such as lawsuit notices, and maintains a stable line of communication with the state. This provides peace of mind by ensuring you never miss a crucial notice, state communication, or legal document.
3How does the Labyrinth, Inc. registered agent service work?
Our registered agent service provides same-day document delivery from local offices in all 50 states. When we receive a notice of lawsuit, we immediately notify you and any other users you have configured, such as your attorney. We also offer immediate online access to state forms bearing our address and signature when required.
4Can Labyrinth, Inc. file my nonprofit's legal documents?
Yes. For an additional fee, we can file your nonprofit's articles of incorporation, foreign qualification, or change of agent filing. We aim to provide an all-inclusive service to streamline your nonprofit's compliance needs.
5What are the fees for Labyrinth, Inc.'s registered agent service?
Our annual fees are $99 per appointment per year without any additional charges. An appointment refers to each agency for each jurisdiction. For example, if you need us to serve as both your corporate registered agent and charitable registered agent in Illinois, that counts as two appointments.
6Can Labyrinth, Inc. serve as the registered agent for charitable registrations?
Yes, but this option is only available in D.C., Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia, because those are the only states with such requirements.
7What is the benefit of having Labyrinth, Inc. as my registered agent?
With over 30 years of experience in nonprofit compliance, we provide a professional, reliable, and all-inclusive service. We help you adhere to state laws and avoid missing a crucial legal notice or deadline.
8What happens if my nonprofit doesn't have a registered agent?
Without a registered agent, your nonprofit may miss important legal notices and deadlines, leading to penalties or even loss of good standing with the state. Our registered agent service helps you avoid these scenarios.
9How quickly will I receive my documents through Labyrinth, Inc.?
We provide same-day document delivery, ensuring you have the necessary time to respond to any legal notices.
10How can I get started with Labyrinth, Inc.'s registered agent service?
Getting started is easy. Just order online or contact our team, and we'll guide you through the quick and easy process of setting up our registered agent service for your nonprofit organization.