What is the Uniform Registration Statement?

The Uniform Registration Statement (URS) was an attempt by the National Association of State Charities Officials (NASCO) and the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) to come up with a single registration form that a charity could file to register in all states. Unfortunately this never came to fruition. The initial version of the URS form was released in March of 1997 with version 2.0 released in November 1998. However, it has largely lingered as of late. A number of states do not accept the Uniform Registration Statement and for those that do, they generally require supplemental forms with additional questions that they state specific of which are of relevance to that state. Thus for most states, the URS is done in addition to filling out this state information and this has led to the URS packet, which includes the URS form, instructions, and required state attachments, to be 85 pages long.

     Things are complicated further by the move to the internet and with the adoption of technology. Some states now require online registration or require registration to be submitted on CD and these different formats make having a unified form less valuable since even if these states adopted the URS, the same information would still need to be entered individually for each of these states. In the last few years there has not been much change to the form with the exception of Maine, Mississippi, and Utah now requiring additional supplemental forms for their state.

     If you are at a charity that would like to register to solicit contributions, we can help. We will file your state registrations, file your extensions, set up registered agents, and follow up with the states to ensure that you are registered. If you would like to find out more about our registration services, email us or call us at 844-863-0915.