Church Exemptions from State Registrations

Churches, Integrated Auxiliaries of Churches and similar institutions can request and receive exemptions from needing to file charitable solicitation registration in almost all states. These exemptions are not automatic and require forms and documents to be filed with 40 states. Labyrinth can help you with these one-time filings. Once your have received exemptions from states, you can legally solicit contributions from donors in all states from then on and no additional filing is necessary.

Religious organizations, that are not churches, typically need to register in 15 states. Religious organizations can request and receive religious exemptions in the remaining states. States will make determinations based off of factors such as your Articles of Incorporation and determine if you meet the state requirements for a religious exemption.

Labyrinth, Inc. can help determine in which states if any you need to file exemptions and we can file all of your church exemption and registration forms to keep you in compliance with the law. If you’d like to discuss the registration requirements for your church please call us at 844-863-0915 or email us at