Charity Registration Extension Due Date

Charity State Registration Extensions

Several states allow charities to file state registration extensions for their charitable state registrations. The state registrations in many states are initially due 4.5 months after a charity's fiscal year-end so they match up with the due date for the IRS 990. However, many charities are not able to complete their 990 by the initial due date and request an extension from the IRS. A few states will grant an automatic state registration extension if an organization requests a 990 filing extension from the IRS, but most states require you to submit state registration extension requests separately and a handful of states do not grant extensions at all.

The method of requesting state extensions varies from state to state. Some states just require a letter asking for the extension, some states require a copy of the IRS 8868 be included, some have online extension requests, and some prefer receiving the request as an email. It is important to file extensions so they are received by the state by the registration due dates so that the charity stays in good standing and avoids late fees.

Unfortunately each state's due dates and extension methods are different. Labyrinth, Inc. files extensions as part of our state registration service and we take care of all steps of the process for you. Labyrinth does not charge anything to file your extensions. Besides filing your state registrations and extensions, we also arrange the registered agents you will need, correspond with states, and follow up with the states to make sure you are registered.

If you would like to contact us about our charity state registration services, please call 844-863-0915 or click here.