Form 990

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Form 990 is the annual return that tax exempt organizations are required to file.

Nonprofits with $200,000 or more in annual revenue or $500,000 or more of total assets at the end of the year must annually file Form 990.

The Form 990 is due 4.5 months after the organization’s year end. Therefore a December year end organization, their Form 990 would be due May 15.The organization can use IRS Form 8868 to extend the due date an additional 6 months. Even with the extension many organizations end up filing their Form 990 at the last minute. The IRS imposes a $50 per day late fee for organization with revenue over $1,000,000 for organizations filing after the due date. The late fee for organizations with revenue under $1,000,000 is $20 per day. As the late fee increases each day, it can add up fast.

Per the Taxpayer First Act Law (H.R. 3151), most nonprofits are now required to transition to electronic filing of form 990. As soon as feasible the IRS will make form 990s available in digital format. This will grant greater accessibility to stakeholders. Form 990 is thus an important document which you can use to highlight your organization and put your best face forward.

Information Requested on Form 990

  • Basic information about your tax-exempt organization.
  • What programs do you run and how much do they cost?
  • Information on your board members.
  • How your organization is structured and governed.
  • Changes of our organization, if any, during the year.
  • How much was your organization was able to raise and how much it cost.
  • Source of your income.
  • How much do top earners get paid and salary information.
  • Did your organization engage in any excess benefit transaction?
  • Did the filer engage in any insider or excess benefit transactions during the year?
  • Determination of public charity status
  • Did your organization exercise 501(h) election?
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