Charity State Registration Fees

Below are the initial charity state registration fees that charities must pay if they file charity state registrations. If you need help with your filings, please contact us. We can file these for you.

StateCheck AmountPayable To
Alabama25 Office of the Attorney General 
Alaska40 State of Alaska 
ArkansasState of Arkansas
California25 Initial; Up to 300 renewalDepartment of Justice 
Colorado10 Colorado Secretary of State 
Connecticut50 Department of Consumer Protection 
District of Columbia$492 biennially DC Treasurer 
Floridasliding scale up to 400 Commissioner of Agriculture 
Georgia35 initial; 20 renewal Secretary of State 
Illinois15 Illinois Charity Bureau Fund 
Kansas35 Secretary of State 
Louisiana25 Department of Justice 
Maine50 Initial; 25 renewal State of Maine 
Marylandsliding scale up to 300 Secretary of State 
Massachusetts150 Initial; tp to 2000 renewal Commonwealth of Massachusetts 
Minnesota25 State of Minnesota 
Mississippi53 Mississippi Secretary of State 
Missouri15 Attorney General 
NevadaSecretary of State 
New Hampshire25 initial; 75 renewal Attorney General 
New JerseyUp to 250 depending on receipts Division of Consumer Affairs 
New Yorkup to 25 Department of Law 
North Carolinaup to 200 Secretary of State 
North Dakota75 initial; 20 annual Secretary of State 
Ohioup to 200 depending on Ohio receipts Treasurer of the State of Ohio 
OklahomaUp to 65 Oklahoma Secretary of State 
OregonUp to 200 depending on Oregon receipts Department of Justice 
Pennsylvaniaup to 250 depending on receipts Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 
Rhode Island90 State of Rhode Island 
South Carolina50 Secretary of State 
Tennesseeup to 240 depending on receipts Tennessee Secretary Of State 
Texas150-250 depending on receipts Attorney General 
Utah75 State of Utah 
Virginiaup to 325 depending on receipts Treasurer, Commonwealth of Virgina 
Washington60 initial; 40 annual Washington Secretary of State 
West Virginia50 State of West Virginia 
Wisconsin15 initial, 54 renewal Department of Financial Institutions