Charity Fundraising Registration FAQs

Below is a list of answers to commonly asked questions regarding charity fundraising registration requirements.

How does a state become aware that an unregistered charity has been soliciting in the state?

States can be alerted to solicitation by unregistered charities in a number of different ways. The most common way that states are alerted to solicitation is when a citizen of the state makes a complaint about the organization or asks the state regulatory body for information about the charity. In some states, state regulators have employees names included in direct mail lists to track solicitation activities. There a host of other ways that regulators may uncover solicitation in the state including calling the organization and inquiring.

Is a registered agent required for charitable solicitation?

Four jurisdictions require a registered agent in order for a charity to file their charitable solicitation registration. These jurisdictions are Michigan, North Dakota, and Washington, DC. These states will accept either a professional registered agent company or an individual in the state to act as the registered agent. A registered agent is a legal representative who is authorized to receive service of process or other official communication from the state. Labyrinth, Inc. can provide registered agents if they are needed.

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