College and University Charitable Solicitation Registration

Colleges, universities, and related foundations that solicit contributions from alumni or other funding sources need to register in those states where they requesting contributions from. Educational institutions, such as colleges and universities, can generally apply for and receive exemptions from registration in around 33 states and they typically only need to register in eight states. The remaining states do not require registration. Educational foundations can typically receive exemptions in 26 states and usually need to register in only 15 states. The specific states where you can receive exemptions is determined by factors such as whether an educational institution is accredited, whether the organization employs a fundraiser, and whether the organization solicits from the general public or if it only solicits from those associated with the educational institution such as alumni, faculties, and trustees. We can help determine in which states you need to register and we can file all your exemption and registration forms to keep you in compliance with the law. Labyrinth does not charge for exemptions in most states. If you’d like to discuss the registration requirements for your college, university, school, or educational foundation please call us at 844-863-0915 or email us at