T here are 22 states that have commercial co-venture regulations which govern the conduct of commercial co-venturers. Some of these states require commercial co-venturer registrations prior to the beginning of a campaign and a failure to register in a timely fashion can lead to fines and other governmental action. Commercial Co-venturers (CCVs) are for-profit companies that work with charities and agree to give some of the revenue they receive to the charity in return for using the charities name or logo in their sales promotion. If your commercial co-venturer is running or plans to run any sort of charitable sales promotion, you will need to be registered.

     Each year several states change their commercial co-venturer registration laws and their state regulations. We can help you keep up with the changes and make the process of registering hassle free and risk free. We prepare all of the forms necessary for you to renew your commercial co-venturer registrations in the states where you are currently registered as well as doing the initial registration for you in any state in which your organization is not currently registered. We prepare the initial and renewal registration forms for each state you request.

     We keep your information information confidential.

     In addition to the services we can provide your organization, we also provide numerous services that guide charities through the process of filing their Annual State Registrations. This is important as a lack of regulatory compliance on the part of a nonprofit that you are working with can be ruled as noncompliance on the part of your organization as well.

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