Commercial Coventurer Registrations

For 30 years Labyrinth has been assisting for-profit companies that want to partner with charities. We help file all of the Commercial Coventurer Registrations (CCV Registrations) that are often required when a for-profit company partners agrees to give an amount or percentage of each sale to a charity and tells the public about this relationship. Labyrinth, Inc. figures out what specific requirements affect your organization and what steps you need to take. We prepare all the necessary forms and attachments, correspond with the states, and make the process easy for you. Numerous Commercial Coventurer ranging in size from under 1 million in annual revenue up to 100 billion in annual revenue use our services and we have experience with all types of organizations with all sorts of special situations. We can help your organization as well. Having us file you Commercial Coventurer Registrations for you for a nationwide campaign is probably less expensive than you think.

If you would like to start this service now or you have questions about our service, please call us at 844-863-0915 or click here to contact us.