Illinois Registered Agent Service for Nonprofits

In every state where it registers, your nonprofit organization is required to appoint a registered agent to receive government notices and service of legal process on your behalf.

Illinois registered agent services from Labyrinth satisfy your compliance requirements and keep your mission moving forward. We offer:

  • Same-day documents from our local office in Springfield
  • Immediate online access to state forms with our address and, where required, our signature
  • Annual fees from $89 to $99 per state with no additional charges

Illinois Registered Agent Education

Your Illinois registered agent is the legally designated point of contact for your nonprofit or business. The registered agent receives important legal notices, such as service of process (aka notice of lawsuit) on behalf of your organization. Registered agents in Illinois must have a physical location in the state and must be available during all business hours. Choosing a reputable Illinois registered agent will ensure you receive documents in a timely manner.

In Illinois, you may have come across the term "registered agent" while filing documents to form or register your organization. There are also synonyms, such as "resident agent," "statutory agent," and "agent for service of process." These terms all refer to the same thing.

Does Your Nonprofit Need a Registered Agent in Illinois?

Yes, your nonprofit needs a registered agent in most states where your organization has corporate registration or charitable registration.

You must appoint a registered agent in Illinois if your organization is incorporated or registered as a legal corporate entity there. In some states, you are also required to name a registered agent when registering to conduct charitable solicitations.

Designating a registered agent in Illinois helps ensure your nonprofit will stay compliant with state requirements and will be promptly notified of key legal and governmental notices that require your immediate attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What do nonprofit registered agents do?
A nonprofit registered agent serves as an organization’s official legal point of contact. The registered agent receives government notices, service of process, and other important legal documents and then promptly notifies the nonprofit. Registered agents must be located at actual street addresses, not P.O. boxes. Registered agents who are experienced with other aspects of nonprofit compliance, like charitable registrations, can also help to keep your nonprofit aware of renewal updates and deadlines. Failure to appoint and maintain a registered agent will typically result in involuntary administrative dissolution of your nonprofit organization. If this happens, your nonprofit’s tax-exempt status could be jeopardized. This makes it extremely important to appoint a registered agent who is reliable, experienced, and discreet.
2When do nonprofits need a registered agent?

A nonprofit is required to appoint a registered agent in the state where it is incorporated, in states where it is registered as a legal corporate entity, and (in many cases) in states where it is registered to solicit charitable donations.

While naming a leader or board member as your registered agent may be easy in your state of domicile, the requirements quickly become more complicated as your organization grows. This is why many nonprofits choose to partner with professional compliance experts and registered agent services to minimize guesswork and risk.

3Should you choose an individual or commercial registered agent service?

Nonprofits can appoint an individual, such as a staff or board member, as their registered agent in many states. There are several requirements that they must meet, however. This individual must:

  • Reside or work in the state
  • Make their name and physical address publicly accessible in order to be contacted with legal notices on behalf of the nonprofit
  • Be available at that address during normal business hours
  • However, there are a few significant drawbacks to consider when naming an individual as your nonprofit’s registered agent:
  • Risk — Any time that your registered agent spends away from their listed address could pose a risk to the prompt delivery of urgent legal documents.
  • Cost — Individual registered agents are likely to change frequently. Each time your registered agent changes, you must update the relevant state agency and typically pay a change filing fee.
  • Working with a dedicated registered agent service specialized in supporting nonprofits solves these problems. With reliable, full-time representation, your nonprofit can rest assured that you’ll be quickly notified of incoming documents and that your service will promptly handle change filings as needed.

    Nonprofit registered agent services from Labyrinth, Inc. take the guesswork out of staying compliant. Contact us to learn more and discuss your needs.

Why Partner with Labyrinth, Inc.?

With over 30 years of experience, the nonprofit compliance experts at Labyrinth, Inc. are leaders in the field. We provide thousands of nonprofit organizations with timely, dependable, and customized compliance support, including registered agent services in Illinois.

Plus, we have a deep understanding of annual state charitable registrations and other aspects of nonprofit compliance. We can keep track of all the important state notices and renewals that come your way—meaning you can spend less time buried in paperwork and more time pursuing your mission.

Contact us today to discuss your nonprofit’s compliance and registered agent needs.

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