IRS Form 990-EZ

The IRS Form 990-EZ is the form that nonprofits must file if their annual revenue in the prior year was between $50,000 and $200,000 and the organization’s total assets at the end of the year were below $500,000. The IRS 990-EZ is designed to be easier than the the full IRS 990 that is filed by larger nonprofits. However, even though the 990-EZ itself is only 4 pages, it typically requires dozens of pages of schedules and attachments and thus is quite an undertaking.

The 990-EZ is due 4.5 months after an organization’s fiscal year end. This due date can be extended an additional 6 months if needed. Organizations can struggle to file the IRS 990-EZ in a timely manner. We can help. While Labyrinth does not provide this service, we have a network of partners who can help you with the preparation and filing of your IRS Form 990. Contact us now to be connected with one of our partners.