Sample Acknowledgement Letter

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Dear ____________________,

Thank you for your contribution of____________________________.
(If contribution is property rather than cash, a detailed
description appears below.)

Please keep this written acknowledgment of your donation for your tax records. Starting January 1, 1994, the IRS will no longer accept your canceled check as proof of any donation of $250 or more. Changes in tax law also require us to estimate the value of goods or services, if any, that have been rendered to you in return for your contribution, and to remind you that your contribution is deductible only to the extent that it exceeds what we have provided.

Thank you for your continuing support for our important work in this field!

Very truly yours,Signature

Name of Letter Writer


Description of donated property________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(It is the responsibility of the donor to determine the fair market value of the donated items.)

Estimate of the value of goods or services provided in return________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

No goods or services were provided.

No estimate is provided because the payment was less than $75.