I n order for your organization to assist a charity with a fundraising campaign or solicit contributions on their behalf, the charity needs to be registered to solicit contributions. You can click here to see if a charity is registered.

     There are approximately 45 states which have laws governing nonprofits engaging in charitable solicitations. Most state laws require registration prior to the solicitation of contributions. Numerous counties and cities also have such laws. Failure to register in a timely fashion can lead to fines, civil suits, and states revoking any right to solicit contributions in the future.

     If one of your charity clients solicits contributions in any state or has you solicit on their behalf, they probably are required to file state fundraising registrations in that state. Often charities do not know how to go about becoming registered. If one of your clients is not registered or wants to find a better way to stay registered, have them contact us.

     For well over a decade we have been helping charities become and stay registered and in compliance with state regulations. We figure out what specific requirements affect your organization and what steps you need to take. We fill in all the necessary forms, correspond with the states, and make the process easy for them. We have experience with all kinds of charities. We perform many services which can help ensure a charity is legally allowed to receive contributions. The services we provide include guiding charities through the process of filing their Annual State Registrations, registering charities to be included in State Employee Campaigns, and helping charities comply with the regulations and fill out the paperwork to allow them to accept Charitable Gift Annuities.

     If you or your client would like to contact us about service, please call us at 844-863-0915 or click here.