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Alabama Fundraising Registration

Alabama Fundraising Registration Requirements

Initial Alabama Fundraising Registration

Alabama requires charitable organizations located in Alabama, intends to solicit in Alabama, to register with the Attorney General - Consumer Protection section. Alabama has a complex set of rules governing charitable registration. These rules address charitable contribution limits, donor disclosure, and the redefinition of issue advocacy. Nonprofit organizations are required to submit the Alabama Charitable Organization Registration Form or Unified Registration Statement form together with a supplemental form, with the Alabama Attorney General before they can legally solicit in Alabama.

The following is a summary of Alabama initial fundraising registration requirements:
Alabama Charitable Registration Agency:Alabama Attorney General - Consumer Protection
Alabama Exempts the Following from Charitable Solicitation Registration:

  • Less than $25,000 nationwide contributions per year

  • Religious organizations

  • Educational institutions

  • Political organizations

  • Fraternal organizations

  • Civic leagues and civic organizations

  • Appeals for individuals less than $10,000

  • Veterans organizations

  • Volunteer firefighters

  • Ambulance companies and rescue squads

Alabama Charitable Registration Form:Alabama Charitable Organization Registration Form.
Alabama Requires the Following Supporting Documents for Charitable Registration:

  • Articles of incorporation or formation document

  • Bylaws

  • IRS determination letter

  • List of officers, directors, trustees, and executive personnel

  • List of states where charity is registered or exempt

Alabama Charitable Registration Filing Fee:$25 (Make check payable to Alabama Attorney General’s Office)
Registered Agent:Alabama does not require a registered agent for charitable solicitation registration.
Alabama Filing Method for Initial Charitable Solicitation Registration:Charities may now submit their initial filing online.

Or mail Alabama Charitable Registration Documents to

Office of Attorney General, Consumer Protection
Charitable Solicitation Registration
By express delivery
501 Washington Ave.
Montgomery, Alabama 36104
By mail
P.O. Box 300152
Montgomery, Alabama 36130
Law Governing Alabama Charitable Registration:Alabama law governing charitable registration can be found here.

Alabama Fundraising Registration Renewal

Alabama charitable registration is indefinite and does not need to be renewed. However, nonprofits registered in Alabama must file an annual financial report and submit Alabama’s Charitable Organization Renewal Statement form. The renewal forms are due within 90 days after the close of the nonprofit’s fiscal year. Alabama does grant extensions of up to 180 days if needed. Note that although there are no renewal requirements, nonprofit organizations must notify the Consumer Protection section within 10 days if any initial registration information changes. The following is a summary of the charitable solicitation registration renewal requirements in Alabama:

Alabama Charitable Registration Renewal Agency:Alabama Attorney General - Consumer Protection
Alabama Charitable Registration Renewal Due Date:90 days after fiscal year end
Alabama Charitable Registration Renewal Form:Online registration.

Or you can access the Charitable Registration Renewal Form directly here.
Alabama Requires the Following Supporting Documents for Charitable Registration Renewal:IRS Form 990 or self-created financial reports, or audited financial statement prepared by an independent CPA. Contact Our Nonprofit CPAs for audited financial statement preparation.
Alabama Charitable Registration Renewal Filing Fee:$25 (Make check payable to Alabama Attorney General’s Office)