Alabama Fundraising Registration Requirements

Alabama has complex set of rules governing nonprofit fundraising registration. Exempt organizations are required to submit the Alabama Charitable Organization Registration Form before they can be designated exempt in Alabama. Typically, exempt organizations include:

  • Organizations that raise less than $25,000 per year.
  • Religious organizations that also qualify for 501(c)(3) status.
  • Educational institutions such as universities.
  • Veteran organizations.
  • Volunteer firefighters.
  • IRS section 527 groups.
  • Ambulance companies and rescue squads.
  • Civic organizations that raise money soled for their own purposes.
  • Fundraising for a single individual of up to $10,000.

Non-exempt charitable organizations are required to register with the Office of the Attorney General per Section 13A-9-70 through 13A-9-84 of the Code of Alabama. If your charity is based in Alabama and plans to raise funds from its citizens, you are required to register. Charities based out of state and plan to raise money in Alabama through professional fundraisers or solicitors are also required to register. 

To register to fundraise in Alabama:

Complete the Charitable Organization Registration Statement and mail to:

Office of the Alabama Attorney General
Consumer Protection
Attn: Charitable Organization Registration
Post Office Box 300152
Montgomery, AL 36130

Initial Filing Fee: $25
Requirements: Governing Documents, IRS Form 990 and Financial Statement
Annual Renewal: Yes
Annual Renewal Fee: $25
Extension Available: Yes
Does charitable registration require Corporate Registration: No
Does charitable registration require Registered Agent: No

Please contact us if you would like us to complete your registration for you.